ASISA Foundation Stakeholder Events – 2019

The ASISA Foundation Annual General Meeting / stakeholder event was hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town o‌n 21 February and 12 March 2019. The presentations included:

  • Chairman’s address
  • CEO report
  • Financial report
  • Programme reports:
    • Saver Waya Waya (SWW) - Implementation Experiences
    • SWW:  Young Adults L+EARN
    • Retirement Fund Trustee Education
    • SWW:  Wage Wise
    • SWW:  FLAME (Financial Literacy and Micro Enterprise)

The ASISA Foundation stakeholder event was held at the Hackle Brook Connect Conference Centre in Johannesburg on 21 February 2019.


ASISA Foundation Stakeholder Event - Johannesburg


The ASISA Foundation stakeholder event was held at the ASISA offices in Cape Town on 12 March 2019


ASISA Foundation Stakeholder Event - Cape Town