Fundisa Fund

The Fundisa Fund is a dedicated educational savings account with a unique bonus feature. The bonus is an additional amount of 25% of your savings – to a maximum of R600 per year – which is added to your savings once a year.

The bonus has been made possible through a joint venture between Government and various ASISA member companies and is intended to help leaners from low-income families afford a high quality, accredited qualification at either a public college or a university.

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In terms of the Amended Financial Sector Code (FSC) and the underlying Code Series FS500 Measurement of the Socio-Economic Development and Consumer Education Element of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, contributions to the grant pool of the Fundisa Retail Fund will qualify for bonus points:

  • Two bonus points
  • To a target of 0.20% of the measured entity’s previous year’s annual Net Profit after Tax

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