A praise poem for ASISA Foundation for 10-year celebration

29 August 2023


ASISA Foundation!

Mother of the nation!

The Queen of financial education!

With you there’s always motivation!


In the year 2012

Ten years ago

A seed of hope was planted

A tree of life blossomed and grew

To bare fruits of change for the Nation

Its shade accommodates everyone

From learners to employees

High income to low income

From dependents to independents

Small business entrepreneurs to established businesses and agriculture

As far as the retired


The financial health of our people is in your hands.

The growth of our financial stability is in your hands.

The courage of our financial independence is in your hands.

For you inspire us by constantly learning and improving.


Halala ASISA foundation Halala!

Re motlotlo ka wena

O tlisitse kganya setjhabeng

Mang kapa manag a ka tshepela ho wena


The financial sector would not be the same without you.

ASISA Foundation

Mother of the Nation

Queen of financial education

She gains her strength from her support structure.

For it takes a village to raise a child.


Praise be to ASISA who planted a seed and established the Foundation.

Like a bird in a nest ASISA helps you to fly and reach greater heights.

Praise be to our board of trustees.

Praise be to the ASISA Foundation team, ASISA Foundation is your home.

Praise be to our funders.

Praise be to our implementing partners and collaborators.

Praise be to God Almighty.

For it is by his Grace that ASISA Foundation is alive.

And that you and I are sharing this special moment.

Now allow me to talk about moments.

The moment ASISA Foundation was born was a moment.

The moment you united to grow and nurture ASISA Foundation was and still is a moment.

The moment you got an invitation to come and rejoice with us was a moment.

The moment you set foot in this moment is a moment.

Oh yes, what a wonderful moment!

Without you ASISA Foundation wouldn’t be standing this tall.

United we stand and divided we fall multiple hands are better than one.

‘’Siyabonga” “Re a leboha” “Enkosi” “Thank you”


Like rain you shower different parts

of the Nation, touching many lives.

Through your brilliant programmes.

You fertilise the African soil.

Umlalaba uyanona uma unyathelwa nguwe.

Ikusasa lomphakathi liyaqhakaza.

Halala ASISA Foundation Halala!


It has been a long journey and a tough one.

We survive, we thrive

And we prosper.

We thank you for pulling through.

We thank you for making it happen

We thank you for your contribution to the economy,

and financial wellbeing of South Africa.


Happy One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten years’ anniversary.

Halala ASISA Foundation!