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ASISA Foundation Overview reports

These documents give an overview of the Foundation’s activities and financial situation for a specific period.

ASISA Foundation Overview 2022

ASISA Foundation Overview 2021

ASISA Foundation Overview 2020

ASISA Foundation Overview 2019

Information brochures

These brochures provide more information on the Foundation and its consumer financial education initiatives to improve financial literacy in South Africa. Read more 


Digital newsletters are distributed regularly throughout the year, updating stakeholders on the most important achievements and progress of the ASISA Foundation. Click here to find out more.

Retirement Fund Trustee Education publications

Principal officers and trustees require ongoing access to a host of information to help inform the decisions. Collaborations via Atleha-Edu continue to facilitate the production of publications and engagements on powerful topics relevant to trustees of retirement funds, such as climate change and alternative investments. Click here to find out more.

WageWise blogs

These include several blogs of useful financial educational information about a WageWise campaign published in 2020 when the programme was conducted digitally via Facebook, radio campaigns and the website. Click here to find out more.

Industry reports

The ASISA Foundation and its programmes have to adhere to several legal requirements by industry bodies. Some of these are listed below. Also included are industry monitoring and evaluation reports involving the Foundation. Click here to find out more.

Archived publications

To read more of our archived publications please click here.