Securing South Africans’ financial futures

The Retirement Fund Trustee Education (RFTE) programme empowers retirement fund trustees with the knowledge and skills they need to best manage the retirement savings of hundreds of thousands of employed South Africans. It focuses on the upliftment of member-elected trustees to bridge the gap between those who have financial literacy and those who don’t.


“When I was first appointed as a trustee and then as a Principal Officer, I felt that I needed a better overall understanding of these roles and responsibilities. The RFTE workshops catered to those needs, and I was able to interact with and learn from experienced individuals at these sessions.”

Toni Billing, RFTE participant

“I don’t think there’s been a single session where, at the end, somebody hasn’t come to say to me, ‘I’m going to do things differently because you were here’. That happens after virtually every single session that we have, without fail.”

Jolly Mokorosi, RFTE facilitator

Key Objectives

Impact achieved

Since inception, Build Up has reached 6 276 beneficiaries (39% female, 72% Black South African) in all nine South African provinces. To give an idea of its impact, in 2020 alone the programme reached over 1 000 participants who, in turn, represented nearly 800 000 members across funds that collectively manage more than R325.5 billion in assets.