The ASISA Foundation’s FLAME programme empowers beneficiaries in low-income areas by transferring financial literacy knowledge and skills, coupled with basic entrepreneurship and business development skills to foster financial capability and enable greater economic participation.

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Key Objectives

  • Advocate for and bring awareness to the importance of financial literacy in starting, running (managing) and growing business enterprises.
  • Enhance financial literacy and business capability through the transfer of knowledge and skills.
  • Reinforce positive behaviours and attitudes through the provision of business coaching and personal mentoring interventions.
  • Facilitate greater economic participation by supporting income generation activities through business development support interventions and facilitating access to growth opportunities (i.e. access to markets).

Target beneficiaries

  • Beneficiaries align to the Financial Sector Code (FS Code) requirements:
  • Primarily (85%) black, South African citizens – including a 40% female reach – with an income cap of R250 000 per year.
  • Small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) that qualify as Exempt Micro-Enterprises (EME) under the codes, with below R1 million in annual revenue.

Reach and impact