In our day-to-day life we make plans every day. If you’re taking a trip you plan how to get there and what time to leave and return. But very often we don’t plan how to use our money.

With WageWise you can learn how to manage your household finances by budgeting, how to understand your payslip and deductions. Plus, you can learn about the importance of saving, planning for your retirement and what financial products and services there are to help you plan for your future.

What past participants say


Financial literacy information


Planning with money & budgeting

Learn how to budget to manage your money better.


Understanding payslips & bank statements

Learn how to read your payslip and understand the different deductions. Plus find out how to use your bank statement to track your money.


Credit management

Need help managing your debt? Learn about how interest rates increase the cost of your debt and how to manage your credit responsibly.


Debt councelling & credit profiles

Debt counsellors help you to get over your debt and re-establish a good credit rating.



Learn why saving is so important, the different ways to save, how to save for the short, medium and long-term.


Managing risk and insurance

Not sure how to prepare for financial risks like an unexpected death? Find out more about the different insurance plans.


Retirement planning

Find out how to plan for your retirement today.


Financial Planning

It’s hard to make and stick to a money plan because often it’s derailed by other people or events in your life.


Rights and Recourses

Financial matters are very closely regulated and in accordance with South African law consumers have many rights and ways to exercise these rights.