Information brochures

These brochures provide more information on the Foundation and its consumer financial education initiatives to improve financial literacy in South Africa. 

The Financial literacy and micro-enterprise (FLAME) programme

This programme empowers beneficiaries in low-income areas with financial knowledge and skills, coupled with basic entrepreneurship and business development skills to enable greater economic participation. 

Flame: Financial literacy and micro-enterprise development 2019 


WageWise is a tried and tested financial education programme designed to give employees tools to effectively manage their finances. The programme is made possible through a collaboration with the Sanlam Foundation.

WageWise: Interactive PDF     

Build Up

Build Up is a financial literacy programme addressing the concerns of individuals already involved in a structured group working towards a common purpose within communities across South Africa. 

Build Up: Financial literacy for co-operatives 2019   


Saver Waya Waya L+EARN is aimed at young adults, particularly students at Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities. 

 L+EARN: Financial literacy for young adults 2019

Retirement Fund Trustee Education (RFTE) 

This programme provides financial education for the trustees and principal officers of retirement funds. It aims to equip delegates with relevant skills that will enable them to better fulfil their fiduciary and governance duties towards their funds and effectively engage with fund stakeholders. 

RFTE Programme Brochure 2020

Financial advice

This brochure explains financial advice, how it works and how it can benefit individuals in making sound financial decisions about what to do with their hard-earned money.      

How to use financial advice