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Our third-quarter update

Dear Stakeholder

Welcome to our September newsletter with quick video updates on the Foundation’s programmes and where we are heading, directly from the people who are doing all the hard work. 

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In this newsletter we celebrate the outstanding outcomes of independent financial audits, reviews and assessments, which once again confirm our compliance with key legislation governing us as the ASISA Foundation Trust as well as the positive impact that our programmes continue to achieve.

For the year ending 28 February 2021:

1. our external auditors, issued an unqualified audit opinion 
2. our Independent Competent Persons Reports (ICPR) confirmed our:

  • compliance with the requirements of Consumer Education and Socio-Economic Development elements of the Financial Sector Code per FS500 and GN500
  • compliance with the criteria for a Broad-based Ownership Scheme per Code FS100

3. The ASISA Foundation reached 95,75% black South African beneficiaries, of which 53,36% were black South African women, and 40,91% were black South African youth as defined by the B-BBEE Act.

I acknowledge with great appreciation, the hard work, efforts, and commitment of both our Foundation team members as well as our implementing partners in enabling us to achieve these fantastic outcomes despite the challenging circumstances presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We trust that these outcomes serve to confirm your confidence placed in us as the ASISA Foundation Trust and that you will continue to support our initiatives through funding, partnerships, and collaborations.

Please note: All Covid-19 protocols observed during production. Some footage included in these videos, was recorded pre-Covid-19.


The WageWise team is in full swing with stakeholder and employer engagements to enable employees to be reached with our revised approach to delivering the programme.


Implementing learnings from the 2020 pilots, is enabling the Build Up team to increase reach and tailor content to suit different community interest groups.


FLAME is concluding the final phase of the current two-year programme and we are looking forward to the celebratory “close-out events” over the next two months. Groundwork on the next iteration of FLAME is at an advanced stage.


Saver WayaWaya L+EARN has adapted their approach to not only reach more young adults, but reaching each cohort, particularly those at tertiary institutions, in ways best suited to them. The next L+EARN campaigns for university and TVET college students are currently underway.


The lockdown restrictions have facilitated a sharp increase in the number of trustees being reached via ASISA Academy online webinars in comparison with prior years. However, the need for face-to-face workshops remains. Collaborations via Atleha-Edu continues to facilitate the production of RFTE publications and engagements on very powerful topics relevant to trustees of retirement funds, such as climate change and alternative investments.

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